ABOUT PC-CRUISER. PC-CRUISER is a very compact version of CruiseBiz.com that you can download from the internet. What's great about PC-CRUISER is it....

♦ is FREE with your subscription.
♦ contains the same sailing and itinerary information as CruiseBiz.com.
♦ does not require access to the internet in order to make lookups.
♦ has its own built-in ligntening-quick and super-easy to navigate browser.

POP-UP POWER. PC-CRUISER runs from your desktop like any other program on your computer. You simply click the PC-CRUISER icon on your desktop and it pops-up in a small window without disturbing or hiding what you are doing. You can make a quick lookup, mimimize PC-CRUISER, and return to what you were doing without missing a beat!

UPDATE NOTIFICATIONS. As PC-CRUISER updates are published (usually two or more times a month) Update Notifications are sent to your email address of record. You can update this bonus cruise directory as frequently (or infrequently) as you wish by simply following the instructions at the right. Each download completely updates your system so it doesn't matter if you skip updates and only download at those times you are going to be traveling.

DOWNLOADING PC-CRUISER (subscriber password required). The simple steps for downloading and updating PC-CRUISER display from the menu at the right. The program contains over 10Mb of cruise information that is compressed into a 1Mb file for quick downloading. This means that with high-speed internet access you can download it in just seconds..

TERMS OF USE. PC-CRUISER, like its on-line companion CruiseBiz.com, can be used on up to ten (10) computers (combined total use of both cruise directories) located AND ONLY LOCATED at your Office of Record. License for additional users can be obtained by calling 520-227-6370. (Office of Record is the physical mailing address you provided when you subscribed. Your license does allow incidental lap-top use while traveling.)